Experiences from conception to age six have the most important influence of any time in the life

Trainee Opportunities

Dr. Letourneau is continually seeking outstanding graduate students from nursing, pediatrics, psychiatry, psychology, education, interdisciplinary or other studies to work on projects in the program for their theses. Currently planned studies awaiting a graduate include, but are not limited to the examination of: 

  • Attachment and mother-infant relationships.
  • Data from the Alberta Pregnancy Outcomes and Nutrition (APrON) study, Fetal Programming sub-study cohort, on mental health, parenting, and child development 
  • Intervention research to complete systematic reviews.
  • Maternal distress, neuroendocrinology and infant development.

Do not hesitate to arrange an appointment with Dr. Letourneau or one of the program staff to discuss opportunities and the research environment.

Current Graduate Students​

  • Lubna Anis 
  • Elena Ali
  • Bikramjit Sekhon
  • Amelia Potter
  • Jelena Komanchuk
  • Kharah Ross
  • Maede Ejaredar
  • Jennifer Bon Bernard
  • Nabila Chaabna
  • Sywia Ciezar
  • Anila Virani

Past Graduate Students and Trainees

Position Postings

Employment opportunities for research assistants are continually becoming available. Feel free to send your complete resumé, writing sample, and references to Program Manager Andrea Deane (Andrea.Deane@albertahealthservices.ca) at: 

Owerko Centre, Child Development Centre (CDC)
Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute
3820 - 24 Avenue NW 
Calgary, AB
Canada T3B 2X9
(403) 441-4551